My experience with Hull & Company is always positive. Their team of professionals allow the process to go smoothly each time. They have many products available for any type of risk. Thank you Hull & Company for always being there for me and my clients.

Our agency has had the privilege of working with Hull & Co., and DVUA before that, for the past 30 years. During that time it has been a valuable and growing partnership for our agency. The broad scope of markets and the expertise that they bring to the table help us succeed in a competitive marketplace. I do not know where we would be today without such a valuable partnership.

Over the past two (2) years Hull & Company has become the "go to" wholesaler in our office. Erik Halvorsen and his team have proven to be extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They are an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Nicole and her team are "different" from other wholesale brokers. They answer phones. They return phone calls promptly. They respond to emails within a few hours. They give feedback. They want to write business. They know the coverage's and forms. They stand by their proposals. They obviously have close working relationship with their underwriters. What else can I say, we chose working with Nicole and her team first.

Chris always responds quickly to questions regardless of the account size. He provides quick quotes and provides the support needed to write accounts.

I would like to thank Chadd M. Guss, my Underwriter/Broker for his unwavering competence, professionalism, efficiency and guidance. It is not often that those who, "stand above the rest" are recognized as such, and I would like Chadd to know that he is one of those Colleagues.

Chris Votta and the Hull Horsham team have been our go-to wholesale market for years. No other brokerage market in the region provides us the timeliness, expertise and options that Hull does. Any issue or problem that we have ever encountered has been resolved to our satisfaction. I enjoy working with Chris and his team and would recommend them to anyone searching for a wholesale market.

We choose Hull & Co for their technical expertise and excellent service.

I love working with Lisa. She is kind, understanding and professional. She takes the time to listen to my client's needs and exhaust every avenue to help me find the best product offered to protect my clients interest. She understands our agency needs and provides quotes and changes quickly without hesitation. She always answers her phone and if she misses your call she calls you right back. It is a true pleasure working with Lisa.

Lisa Corsi has consistently proved herself to be a valuable resource to our agency; her speed, accuracy and ability to place difficult risks has made my daily routine so much easier. I don't know how we would get along without Lisa!!!

Pete Driscoll and the Hull & Co. team have exceeded my expectations, they are responsive and knowledgeable. Not only do they provide competitive options for our Insured's but they also bring a level of expertise that many other wholesalers lack. I can truly say I value our partnership with them.